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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

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I still can't believe they got Magneto wrong. His gripe was with humanity, or, at least humans who despise those that are different. But his enemy here is not that at all, it's an uber-powerful mutant.

Was this film a joke?

The other thing is I hate the fact that Xavier and Erik are friends for a bit, recruit some other kids and part ways, whereas in the original; trilogy they have been good friends for a much longer time. I mean I know many people who, in my 20's, I was good 30's.

Everyone is giving this film positive reviews, but once they realize how shallow it really is that will change.

Oh, and I hated the very very very frequent scene changes with the convenient subtitle labels ("covert base" - thanks that helps) especially when some individual scenes last for a few seconds. Worse yet is showing the captains of Russian and American fleets acting like dolts, and the dialogue for both kinds of captains are exactly the same,. save for the need to have one guy say it in another language.

Did anyone actually read this screenplay?
No people's opinions are not likely to change. Why? Because it truly is a great movie.
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