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You know, I've been looking at that sig of yours - about software engineers trying to outwit "idiots" - and it strikes me that the real essential problem is that so many of the folks tasked with successfully anticipating human behavior and designing machines for interaction with human beings have trouble successfully asking someone out on a date.

There may be a fundamental mismatch of aptitudes here.
Well, being recreated in some ultimate idiot's image, we now have machines to ask girls out on dates. They're called vibrators. And scientists have developed a fully functional synthetic vagina called the 'Lily', but that was back in the seventies. They won't let us have it because thay are still rigerously testing it. It's got to meet all kinds of standards of approval. For now you have to be happy with boob bars and the occasional long legged Lois the sixteenth chairs and bed posts.
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