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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

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Yassim wrote:
I also think the movie makes it clear that Xavier experiences the attack while connected to Shaw, that Erik is inflicting the moment on both of them.

All the more reason why Xavier should have "let go." When ya touch a hot stove, do ya hold your hand there & get burned, or do ya pull it away?
All the more to say, Charles is convinced he's preventing a nuclear war by holding Shaw still... he's got lots of reasons to let Shaw go, selfish and self-less, but he holds on (and lets Shaw be murdered) because he may be saving the human race... so that wins.

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I'm still puzzled how Mystique pulled the Shaw impersonation, complete w/helmet, when she hadn't yet seen him in that outfit.
Other mutants, includin' Azazel, had seen him like that. Charles could read Azazel's mind. Charles put the image of Shaw in Mystique's head, so she could copy it.

That simple.

Or because the gag doesn't work at all if the audience goes "That's not what Shaw was wearing!"
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