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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

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^LOL, I sited that one a few posts up. Did you read the comments? A lot of haters out there REFUSE to read VOY until Janeway is brought back no matter how good the books are. PD gets a lot of personal hate, too.
I just read over the comments on the linked article. WOW! You made a valiant effort, but the crazies just won't stop. It's amazing to me just how vocal those types are.
The nay-sayers said the same thing about the crazies in the 70s who wouldn't stop being vocal about their desire to have Star Trek return in some shape or form. Where there is passion, there is a willingness to be annoying. Is having "those types" lobbying for what they want such a bad thing? They want to buy books!
"There's got to be a way to have our cake and eat it, too." CPT Janeway
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