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Re: Albatross vs. The Slaver Weapon

I think I voted against "Slaver" in the previous round because I was uneasy with introducing a revamped Known Space story into the Trek universe; it felt like a ringer, as though its merits belonged to another reality rather than Trek. Besides, the original novelette "The Soft Weapon" is better than the episode, a fuller exploration of the concepts.

In this case, though, I think that despite that, I'd still give it the edge over "Albatross." I like "Albatross" a lot, but it has some things that score against it. The silliness of auroras in interplanetary space, which I mentioned in the first round, is one. Another is that the episode could've easily been done in live-action, just with more humanlike Draymians. It doesn't take advantage of the animated format all that well. "Slaver," on the other hand, makes full use of it, with nonhumanoid aliens, an exotic planetary environment, a transforming superweapon, and some big explosions -- things that could never have been done in live action on a TV budget.

So "Slaver" wins on points.
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