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VOY Avatar Contest - Elogium

Previously, in the Star Trek: Voyager avatar contest...

Jetfire wrote: View Post
And the winners are...


VOY Theme...



Next contest & VOY Theme is od0_ital's and Admiral_Shran can choose the Random theme. Thank you to all those that entered and voted.
Admiral Shran wrote: View Post
... For the next Random Theme - Summertime: anything relating to summer.

I know it's not "officially" summer yet, but it was 90 degrees where I live all this last week, so it's close enough.
This week's episode is 'Elogium', which has Kes enterin' the Ocampan birth cycle while the starship is inside an unusual anomaly.

For theme, I'm gonna go with "Starfleet Kids" - let's see children of Starfleet officers. And it will be open franchise-wide, so Demora Sulu, Wesley Crusher, Lal, Alexander, Jake Sisko, Molly O'Brien, among others, are all fair game.

The random theme, as chosen by Admiral Shran, will be "Summertime." I say close enough for the season, since the temperatures have already hit 100 degrees here.

Entries have to conform to board rules - up to 140x140 and 140KB if animated.

All entries should be posted by Sunday night, I'll put the poll up that night, or Monday mornin'.

Good luck!

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