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that's an EXTREMELY common challenge, it's so hard not to go overboard at first! Esp outdoors where you can lose track of time and distance so easily and then ache the next day.
Yes! Back in March, I hit the trails on a whim because I was stressed out and needed a break. I picked a trail that went about 1 mile along the river. At the end of the trail, I needed to cross a bridge to get back to the lot where I parked my car. The bridge had washed out a few months earlier during a heavy flood on the river. There were signs, but I mis-read them and thought it applied to a different trail. I decided to go around the other way to get back the parking lot, but that took me another 2 miles in the opposite direction. At the time, it didn't seem so bad, but I was sore for a week afterward from pushing too hard.

Speaking of overdoing it, I brought a watch with a timer so I could make sure I stuck to my limit. However, I felt guilty about only doing about 20 minutes (maybe it's not enough!) so I reset it to 30 minutes.
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