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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

Well, most slasher films rely on startling the audience or grossing them out, whereas films like Psycho rely on suspense and psychological fear.

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I think they just grow up with some ideas always existing and that shapes their worldview. Eventually, the idea of comics being in newspapers at all is going to seem strange to people.

Another horror example, I suppose, would be the slasher film. There are differing views on which one was first, but it's arguable that it was Psycho that really got that subgenre going into what we think of as a slasher film today.

That's why some modern viewers watch something like Psycho or the original Halloween and have a hard time imagining these movies ever scaring anyone. But in the context of their times, they were deeply upsetting.
That's true. It's always possible to find new antecedents to contemporary trends and tropes as you read older fiction or watch old films. But I think a lot of young 'uns just automatically dismiss older works as being worthless or irrelevant-- like the people you mentioned who won't watch b&W movies. I knew a few people like that when I was a kid, and it seems worse now; of course, it may seem worse just because we have the Internet now.
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