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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

I don't really like slasher movies. They simply fail to scare me. Here's my abbreviated plot summary flow-chart of every slasher movie I've ever watched:

Character introduction -> *slice slice slice slice slice slice* -> Brief character development -> *slice slice slice slice slice* -> Slasher defeated (unless enough money is generated for a sequel... then he retroactively gains immortality and/or leaves family behind)

Seriously. Every slasher movie I've ever seen boils down some form of the above.

Contrast with a non-slasher horror movie, say, Event Horizon. There's mystery! There's characters whom you actually care about if they get killed! A good horror story, in my opinion, is never about seeing how much you can shock and appall the mainstream with a meat cleaver and a bottle of fake blood; it's about writing a really suspenseful story that keeps you shaking and makes you check under your bedsheets.
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