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I have been riding my bike every day for the past month or so. Not very far, just to and from the railway station. I might do half an hour of riding each way.

When I started out I was quite slow and unfit but I have managed to increase my fitness and get some proper speed and power into my legs. I've started doing longer rides on the weekend - hoping to crack a 50km ride soon.

Up until last week everything was super. But now I am getting sluggish. It's more of an effort to do the same ride and the same speeds that I have been doing even a week ago. The quaddies are burning more than they 'should' be, and while I am better at pushing through the 'pain' I don't think that I should be feeling it in the first place. They also aren't delivering as much power as they used to. It is taking longer for me to accellerate and it is harder to hold a high speed.

Is it possible that I am pushing my quads too far? Are they crying out for a break? A part of me is thinking that I should take a few days off the bike to recover. But it's not like I'm doing massive workouts. ???
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