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JES's Miscellaneous Artwork Design Thread

This is where I'm going to put stuff that isn't worthy of it's own thread, doesn't have a class name, or otherwise doesn't seem likely to illicit over a pages worth of discussion on their own. Chances has it that designs that do get a class name will later be transferred into their own thread.

Any how, to start, I'm posing this concept sketch work I had for an alternative Excelsior shuttlebay for archival purposes:

I will probably use design elements of the shuttlebay later on for something else.

Next is some sketch work of some ideas I had for Ihlecreation's Cetea class:

My idea behind this one was to make both sections look good while separated. Instead of mounting the ring by it's top, I wanted to mount it more by the center. This sort of draws a little inspiration from Vulcan ships and their ring-shaped warp drives. The idea is that the two sections separate by sliding off one another, similar to how a ring slips off a finger. The engineering section is supposed to have concealed structures underneath, similar to most ships that separate, and the ring is supposed to blend in seamlessly with the hull and deflector grid when docked.

Finally, my vision of what the replacement for the Steamrunner might have looked like, if not for the Zephyr class taking that role.

The design draws a little bit of inspiration from the Ferrus class, and the nacelle caps are based a little off of the Century and Perception, since that is the time frame I imagined for this class.

I have to go for now, so chances has it that I'll come back and edit this post with further commentary, and also post my concepts for the Cetea class in the Design the Next Enterprise thread. For now, feel free to look and comment!

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