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I'd like to see the supplements.
sadly it's only 1 and not that good from the review
A Director's Playground: Vincenzo Natali on the Set of 'Splice' (SD, 35 min.)
I was surprised to see only one special feature contained on this release. I would have at least expected an audio commentary or even some footage of the movie during its run through the festival circuit. Instead we're only given a behind the scenes tour of the movie with Natali. Much of it is just footage of them shooting scenes without much narration or background. We're just kind of thrust into the fray somewhere in the middle and we're supposed to guess what's going on. Natali does offer some insight into how he directs and how he never wants to give in to producers or test audiences.
But not worth the cost of the DVD i guess.

I was expecting a commentary and more. Oh well.
Depends how much you pay for the DVD. I purchased the Blu-Ray for $4 on Amazon, so I can't imagine not getting my money's worth...
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