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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

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- how they only made a half hearted attempt to get the '60s feel of the movie right; clothes, cars, horn-rimmed glasses and a groovy white sitting room aren't enough, and the other bits they attempted seemed superficial and inconsistently used.
I thought the movie did a pretty good job early on with the 60s setting, but once we were introduced to the decidedly un60s looking teens, that all went out the window.

And the way the Kennedy news footage was intercut just made the disconnect even larger in my mind. I didn't buy that this was the actual Cuban Missle Crisis we were watching for a second.
Agreed. It seemed like they were making a good effort in some regards, especially early on in the film. But, they seemed to just sort of let it go. I have to confess that I may have been a bit more critical of this aspect of the film than I might otherwise have been if we didn't have the likes of "Mad Men" and "A Single Man" to compare the efforts with. I think both of these do an admirable job of establishing that '60s "feel", and this may have led me to expect (hope for) more from FC in this regard. This also may have made what I saw as these stylistic inconsistencies seem all the more jarring to me.
Yes, good point.
As someone else stated too, why was there also no mention of the Civil Rights movement? You'd think Charles would be taking serious note of MLK and Malcolm X.
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