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Trying to jump-start my fitness routine. I've always enjoyed hiking, but I tend to go on one extra-long hike and completely wear myself out, then not go back for months. So now I'm trying something different. I got maps to several nearby forest preserves and marked out specific trails.

Today, I went to the first one on my list and did about 1 mile at a brisk walk for about 20 minutes. On Wednesday, I'll do 20 minutes on the next trail on my list, and on Friday, I'll hit the 3rd one. I want to keep this up over the next month to make it a regular habit, not something that happens only when I need to get away from everything.
that's an EXTREMELY common challenge, it's so hard not to go overboard at first! Esp outdoors where you can lose track of time and distance so easily and then ache the next day.
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