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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

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-The villain is all wrong. Really. He was ok when we thought he was a human Nazi conducting a cruel experiment on mutants like Erik (killing his mother to get him to use his abilities) because this would justify Erik's hatred and mistrust of humans that is the core of his very character. Making the villain a mutant really tables all that. Worse is the fact that he is an uber-powerful mutant. Gawd. I'm less interested in how powerful a villain is and more what their character is like.
I thought Kevin Bacon was ok. I agree with you though he was more menacing as a Schmidt the Nazi than Shaw the mutant tyrant. I am now kind of wondering how Colin Firth would have handled the role, since he was Vaughn's other pick for it. If only they had given him more personality like say Hans Landa from Inglorious Bastards or to keep it in line with X-Men even William Stryker. To me he just seemed a little one note as a villain, but ultimately served his purpose, which was to set up the rift between Charles and Erik.

He was pretty powerful in the comics too. In this movie they had to make him even moreso because the tag team of Charles and Erik themselves is a tour de force.

That would be cool though if Shaw's whole "survival of the fittest" schtick was a set up for Apocalypse, but if that was the case there would probably be more clues eluding to his arrival.
Well, regardless of the performance itself, making the character a mutant really guts everything we know about Magnetos character.

Also, on a separate note, I couldn't help but get Plinkett's voice in my head for the scenes at the end of the film. In his Star Trek Nemesis review, he comments about the bald young Academy Picard noting the producers "think the audience is stupid." That voice applied to the scenes with Xavier's paralysis, the shape of Shaw's helmet, and many other things that they tried to patch up.

- The shot of the sub landing at shore was worse than most video games. Especially notable were CGI palm trees. Gad!

- While the recruiting montage and the cameo (the best scene in the film) were fun, the recruitment scenes seemed to be more important to the Lore of X-Men and they were trivialized here. Also, I was disappointed that Magneto didn't help with Cerebro as was said earlier.

The shots of the girl flying around (Angel) looked silly and I sank in my chair in embarrassment.

This is the worst of the series despite the well-cast leads.
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