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I just watched this this evening. It's not a bad creep out film and Dren made for an interesting new life form. I liked that they got away from the alien/mutant/whatever as something scaly and ugly and gave us something almost attractive (in a weird sorta way).

The ending was Ewww!

That said both of these scientists were screw ups psychologically. Fred and Ginger both being male and duking it out was Ewww!

Not an awesome film, but not bad.
The movie was.... okay. But then it turned to shit when it became a typical monster-movie like premise in the last act, and I don't get why Adrian Brody and what's her name completely switched sides on their feelings of the creature. And the Adrian taps that ass?

WTF, dude? I was expected at least something that said she had life super active hormones or something that made him fuck her outside of his own control but, nope. He just saw her with the chicken legs, the bald head, and the A-cup breasts and just had-to get him some of that.

Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.
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