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Re: Star Trek, a possibly canon co-op title.

Good official trailer from E3.
E3 2011: Pre-Alpha Footage Of Star Trek Game Released
pretty epic for a videogame about Star Trek. With the music it felt like another movie. cinematic.
I really did not like the excessive shaky-cam from the POV following the suited character 10 feet behind as he moved with an environmental suit toward the ship in space.
I know it's a videogame and like the cinema feature movies it has to be action adventure but I think overall it hurts the Trek franchise of science and the TV series of exploration and diplomacy and science-based speculative fiction.

interesting thoughts from the link above:
the game has a large resemblance to Mass Effect, given the inter-galactic nature of both franchises
even though it is a more venerable franchise, it seems foolish to try to compete with Mass Effect.
If you haven't seen it check out the trailer for the ME3 game also out in 2012. pretty epic.
Mass Effect 3 E3 2011 Fall of Earth Trailer [HD]
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