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Re: Star Wars Dark Horse comics disscussion and comments

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There are still long series like Knight Errant and Invasion.
Actually those were 5-issue minis that spawned sequels.

Star Wars: Knight Errant
Star Wars: Knight Errant Deluge (upcoming)

Star Wars: Invasion
Star Wars: Invasion Rescues
Star Wars: Invasion Revelations (upcoming)

It's similar to how Dark Horse did early Star Wars minis like Dark Empire and Crimson Empire, both of which had sequels.

Dark Times and the recently launched Jedi are expected to be released in this format as well (if anything, though, Jedi is really a returning title as it was originally a series of one-shots).

Come on both Invasion and Errant look like long-runing comic series interrupted ala Dark Times.
What you mean to say is that Invasion and Knight Errant are comics released as individual minis rather than as regular monthly books. Dark Times was a regular monthly book that later shifted to the mini-series format.

It's just Dark Horse going back to way they used to do Star Wars comics really.
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