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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

Saw it last night and, while I know I'm in the minority by a fair bit, I was underwhelmed. Grade: C.

I liked:

- Fassbender's Erik, for the most part.
- McAvoy's Xavier, for the most part.
- the several tips of the hat to the early comic & characters (including the costumes)
- the Erik/Charles relationship and development
- how Charles was paralyzed
- the Concentration Camp scenes
- How Erik "disposes of" Shaw
- early, non-hairy Beast
- Havok
- Banshee
- the attempt to get the '60s feel right
- that Fassbender was able to pull off the dramatic final beach scenes wearing that stupid helmet.

I disliked:

- how they barely kept Erik's personality from becoming Logan's
- the first pub scene, where they tried to establish Charles as a roguish ladies man, which he then proceeds not to be for the rest of the movie; totally unnecessary to the plot and slowed the movie down unnecessarily (a recurring theme for me.)
- January Jones (can't act her way out of a paper bag)
- how slow and plodding the movie was. It needed a good editor, and some life. I can't recall ever being bored before in a comic book movie (okay, maybe Daredevil.)
- how they only made a half hearted attempt to get the '60s feel of the movie right; clothes, cars, horn-rimmed glasses and a groovy white sitting room aren't enough, and the other bits they attempted seemed superficial and inconsistently used.
- the "fish bowl" scene, when the CIA facility was attacked and the "kids" all just watched from an incredibly vulnerable position
- that they didn't make me really care about any of the secondary characters, such as Darwin; I felt nothing when he died.
- the "training montage", which seemed to have been intended to be lively and action-packed, instead came off plodding and filled with more comic relief than action.
- the blue Beast make up; HORRIBLE!
- that they used the Moira McTaggart name for a role that was completely unlike her character and could have been filled by any number of other Marvel characters.
- Magneto's helmet. I liked that they brought in the concept and explained it and stayed consistent with X1, but using the actual original design just ended up being comical (and not in a good way.)

It was okay, but just left me more disappointed than entertained. I actually found myself yawning and looking at my watch at points. I'm one of those old time geeks who collected the X-Men comics from the very beginning, so I admit I may be overly critical of the movies. On the other hand, I enjoyed X1 just fine. This had so much potential, and has been so highly touted, I suppose that may have led to some of my disappointment.

Anyway, just one viewer's opinion. No more or less valid than anyone else's, I suppose, but there it is. Let the bashing begin.
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