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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

I've just finished up reading a batch of HP Lovecraft, just to kind of dip my toes in the proverbial water and see what I was getting into before I commit any money to the project.

The man is a master. Stephen King ain't got jack on Mr. Lovecraft.

I could rave for days about his mastery of horror and suspense. He consistently manages to keep the suspense going, always making you wonder what's going to come next without pulling random twists out of nowhere. His descriptions paint a superb background for the chilling secrets that lay hidden behind cottage doors and secret passages. Even his works that aren't entirely doom and gloom (The Music of Erich Zann comes to mind) manage to keep me interested and reading until the very end. Sometimes I have to stop myself and re-read a part because I read it too fast in eagerness.

There's just one complaint I have. The Call of Cthulhu was a little bit of a let-down considering how (in)famous it was, especially in light of some of his shorter tales. Granted, it's still pretty damn good, but it's far from the very best I saw in the collection that I picked at the library.
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