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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

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Raven/Mystique's defection made sense to me.... Mystique's defection made sense to the only person between Charles, Hank, and Erik who was helping her realize her "true self" and wasn't bothered by her real appearance was was Erik. So of course she'd choose to follow him.
It made sense to me, but I didn't feel it. We all knew where she was going to end up, and the film explained why, but didn't really take me on the journey - it just showed me the map.

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I do also agree that Angel was one of the main problems with the film. Really actually an unnecessary point. Too 21st Century and poorly handled.
I really wondered why she was there at all... until the dogfight at the end, which was pretty awesome. They paired off Banshee & Angel, Beast and Azazael quite nicely in the final sequence.

That, Darwin's misuse, and actually Havoc. I'm glad more time was spent on the bigger players, but some of the lesser mutants weren't even needed.
Darwin was clearly just there to die. His powers are lame, he raises the stakes... I'm fine with it. (I have no prior knowledge or attachment to the character - and he had a fairly heroic and cool death scene!)

Heck, the recruitment and training montages could have been longer and it could have been assumed there were more kids at the mansion in training for as much thought was given to Angel.
Angel's only piece of characterization was "I don't like how those men are looking at me" - agreed. She needed more - not tons more, just a little. Like in X1, Magneto's 5 min intro gives him all the motivation he needs. Maybe a few minutes of her being degraded at the strip joint, or ... something that tells us where her head is during all this.

I can't believe I'm typing it, but the training montage was awesome.

Let me ask this again -
If Erik has spent his life tracking the mutants who killed his family, doesn't it undercut the idea that he's reacting to persecution from humans? That he spends his life believing he's defending mutants from humans?
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