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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Chapter 3: Part 5

Cindy and Kristen saw Sandi running from behind the library. “Yikes!” Kristen exclaimed.

Upchuck turned to the duo (‘The Head’ had run off) “What?” he asked. He also saw Sandi. “Oh, a challenge!” he said.

Cindy saw the emerald and grabbed it before Upchuck could get it. She stood up. “I found it, but now I have to go,” she said, she went back into the science block.

“Ms Brolsma! Wait!” Upchuck said, he tried to follow her but was tripped by Kristen, whom then blocked Sandi from also attempting to enter the Science block. “Feisty!” Upchuck moaned.

“Like, let me pass, Kristen!” Sandi said.

“Do you want to be weightless?” Kristen asked.

“No choice!” Sandi said.

Mr DeMartino and Jennifer saw the altercation as they approached.

“Mr Rutthiemer never ceases to amaze me!” DeMartino said.

“I guess so,” Jennifer said. Upchuck had always annoyed her. She found his come-ons a simple annoyance though, unlike Kristen, who seemed to take offense at them.

“Ms Griffin! Do not run off again!”

“Like, yeah right!” Sandi said, she backed up and ran and attempted to jump over Kristen. She also used the ‘purple lightening’ power as she passed her. Kristen fell down in shock.

“What was that!” she said.

Inside the science block, Cindy ran to the stairs. She reached them as Sandi entered the building...

“I guess that may have happened, she has gotten lost,” Daria said as she opened the Faculty Lounge door.

They looked into the room and went in.

“Daria, what is your reason for being here?” the head Art teacher, Claire Defoe asked.

Jane followed Daria into the room. “We’re looking for Ms Li. She wasn’t in her office,” she said.

“Only Ms Barch and Mr O’Neill were in here when I got here after my pre-lunch period, they were rather embarrassed by my intrusion and didn’t say anything about Ms Li,” Ms Defoe said, with a shudder.

“Cool thoughts, a river running to the ocean,” Daria murmured.

“Ick!” Jane said.

“Eeeewwww!” the Fashionable Trio said, from outside.

“Why are you looking for Ms Li?” Claire asked.

“Surely you have heard the rumours about today and yesterday?” Daria asked.

“About a genie?” Jane asked for clarification.

“Definitely, the unusual events seem to be getting worse,” Claire said.

“We don’t want Ms Li getting a hold of the genie,” Quinn said as she came in.

“She would make this school, and maybe the town, worse!” Stacy said, as she followed.

“It would be really baaad! Like ,worse than with Sand-di,” Tiffany said.

Ms Defoe was in thought. “I see what you are getting at,” she said.

“Ms Li’s office is completely wreaked,” Daria said.

“Like, all her equipment appears to be all broken and stuff,” Brittany said.

“Uh, yeah. Where would she go if her office is out of commission and she is not here?” Daria asked.

Ms Defoe thought again. “Either the Language Arts faculty office, or the server-room in the basement,” she said.

“Language Arts?” Stacy asked.

“Server room in the basement?” Daria asked. She knew there was a server room in the library, but had not heard about one in the basement.

“There is one. I’m not sure what it’s used for though,” Ms Defoe said, her tone telling the students (even Tiffany) that she did know what it was used for (or at least suspected).

“Great!” Daria deadpanned.

“Now we have to search two places!” Jane said.

“The sooner we leave, the sooner we will find her,” Daria said. However, before they could decide anything else the gravity was negated (as Sandi followed Cindy into the science block).

“Not again!” Brittany said.

Elias and Samara met in the Arts level of the Arts/Musc/Home Ec block. Samara had followed after Sandi had gone into that building. Elias had gone back after he was sure that Sandi had followed Jennifer down the stairs.

“Where’s the emerald now?” Samara asked.

“Jennifer Burns has it,” Elias said.

“What happens now?” Samara asked.

“We hope that Lawndale survives this crisis. I don’t want to live in a post-apocalyptic county,” he said.

“Neither do I,” Samara said. Then the gravity was negated for the second time.

Cindy crawled along the hand rails, up the stairwell to the second level of the science block. She could hear Sandi’s exclamations as she attempted to reach the staircase, she was almost on her heels.

As she exited the stairwell, Cindy looked up the corridor for the stairs up to the new floor. “Come back down here and give me that emerald, Cindy Brolsma!” Sandi called up the stairs.

“Yeah Right!” Cindy yelled back. She pushed herself away from the door from the stairwell, down the corridor, towards her destination, slamming the door in the process. ‘That will slow her down a bit,’ she thought.

Cindy emerged into the new floor. “This does feel weird,” she said. A senior member of the Science Fiction Club had overheard Chip and Anna talking about the new floor in class and had told Cindy about it.
She didn’t particularly want to go into any of the more Frankenstein-ishof the new science labs, but she figured that there would be at least something of use to stall Sandi in her chase of the emerald.

Andrea, having talked to Chip about what had happened at the beginning of lunch, left the area of the library and headed towards the Music/Arts/Home Economics Block.

After four minutes of looking for Cindy amongst the creepy classrooms in the new floor of the science block, Sandi found her near the back of one of the creepier rooms examining various equipment.
She saw that Cindy had a Bunsen burner going (the flame looked like a ball, but still functioned in the zero-g environment), heating an unknown mixture in a test tube, in one of the many fume hoods that were spaced around the edge of the room.

“Cindy!” Sandi exclaimed.


“Give me that emerald. I found it, and I won’t use it to change Lawndale for the worse!” Sandi said.

“I wouldn’t either!” Cindy retorted. ‘I am sure that her definition of ‘for the worse’ would be different to mine,’ she thought.

“Oh, Really?” Sandi asked.

“Really,” Cindy said. They stared at each other in a stand-off for about fifteen seconds, before Sandi launched herself through the door, towards Cindy.
Cindy moved aside at the last second, causing Sandi to crash into the bench that Cindy had been holding on to.

“Ouch!” Sandi exclaimed. She glared at Cindy whom was moving along the bench, carrying the equipment that she had been gathering.

“Yikes!” Cindy exclaimed. She grabbed the emerald. “I wish for a door that will open to anywhere else in this school.”

The wish was granted. The bench, and windows, parted and a door appeared. The door had a more medieval look than the rest of the doors on that floor, but it still looked similar to a door that wouldn’t be out of place elsewhere in the school, nonetheless.
“Cool, I didn’t think that would work,” Cindy said, before opening the door and pulling herself though it. The door closed before Sandi could follow her.

“Great!” Sandi said. She tried to think about how the door worked. ‘I guess she intended it so that the person just thinks about their destination within the school.’ She thought about following Cindy to wherever she went and tried the door.

The door didn’t open, no matter hard she tried. Even applying her largest amount of telekinesis on the handle didn’t work. ‘Stupid door.’

She thought of other ways of following Cindy, including the ‘locate ability’. ‘Unfortunately it is likely that she is further away than Burnout Girl was earlier,’ she thought.

She remembered the previous time that she had attempted to use the ability for a distance much greater than 100 metres.

5 years earlier
Sandi had just used the ‘locate ability’ for the first time following her mother’s coaching (looking for Sam in a different room in the house) and she was eager to try it again.

“That was, like, cool,” Sandi said.

“Sandi, remember to keep it a secret!” Linda said.

“Like our other abilities, of course!” Sandi retorted. Her mother had told her about some ancestors whom had been burnt at the stake because of their abilities, back in the late 17th Century.

Linda just glared at her daughter, as if to say ‘don’t use your sarcasm on me, daughter!’

“How far does it work?” Sandi asked. She was curious as to how away she could possibly detect someone.

“Approximately 100 meters, any further and it is vague. The greater the distance, the less chance that you would find them,” Linda said.

Sandi decided to try to find one of her friends. She remembered the Icelandic words and spoke, “Finndu mann sem heitir: Stacy Rowe!”

“Sandi!” Linda started, but she saw that her daughter was already using her ability, so she didn’t interfere.

Sandi’s awareness reached outwards. At first she perceived the Griffin residence at 512 Grandstaff Drive. As her awareness reached outwards the streetscape of Lawndale grew more vague. Half a minute later she perceived Stacy’s house at 324 Eichler Street, as if in a dream, and only in black and white.

She snapped out of it, rather exhausted. “So, tired,” she said.

“What did you see?” Linda asked.

“I only saw her house. Black and white. Very blurry,” Sandi said quietly. She felt like she needed to go to sleep.

Linda told Sandi that the ability uses a lot of energy, especially if it is used over 100 meters.

End of Flashback

“Right,” Sandi thought, after she had recalled those events, decided to try to open the door into the Library and then try to locate Cindy.
She grabbed the door handle whilst thinking about going to the Library.

In the middle of the upper floor of the Library bookshelves parted and the door appeared, Sandi then opened it from the new floor of the Science Block.

She held the door open and moved so that she was in the doorway. “Finndu mann sem heitir: Cindy Brolsma!”

Once again Sandi’s perception expanded over Lawndale High. There was slight confusion where the two perception fields overlapped between the Science Block and the Library. Before the fields could enter the Science Block or the Library, Sandi found Cindy (rather vaguely) in the cafeteria.

Like earlier, Scarlett could feel ‘something’ surrounding her. “What is going on here?” she asked.

“Same as before?” Tananda asked.

“Yes, I don’t know what to make of it,” Scarlett said.

The few students still in the Cafeteria were surprised when a door suddenly appeared in the wall and opened.

Once she sighted Cindy, Sandi launched herself through the door.

“Not again!” Brittany said, when the gravity was negated for a second time.

“Now we have to find Ms. Li,” Daria said.

“But we have to split into two groups,” Jane said.

“One group to the Server Room in the basement?” Stacy asked. ‘I don’t want to go down there,’ she thought.

“Yes, and the other to the Language Arts faculty office,” Daria said. “One has to wonder, why that faculty office? Why not another one?”

“Ms. Li taught Language Arts before she became Principal,” Claire said.

“That is a good a reason as any, I guess,” Jane said. (She had wondered if Ms Li may have been an Art teacher.)

“So who goes in which group and to where?” Joey asked.

It was decided that Tiffany, Ms Defoe, Jane and Joey would go to the Server Room in the Basement and that Daria, Quinn, Stacy and Brittany would go to the Language Arts faculty office.

Kristen opened her eyes and saw Jennifer, Mr DeMartino and even Upchuck, looking at her with concern. She sat up. “What was that? I feel like I have been electrocuted,” she said rubbing her arms.

“I did smell some ozone after she shocked you,” Jennifer said.

“I hope that she did not wish for Powers!” Mr DeMartino said.

“Wouldn’t put that past her,” Kristen said as she stood up. She noticed that she was speaking slightly slower than usual. ‘At least I am not as slow as Tiffany,’ she thought.

“Feisty!” Upchuck said, after his customary growl.

“What was that?” Kristen said with a growl of her own, turning to Upchuck. ‘He just doesn’t get it!’ she thought.

“I mean, who wouldn’t wish for powers?” Upchuck said.

“I know what you would wish for!” Kristen said.

“Ms Leung Bell, enough!” Mr DeMartino warned.

“Somehow, I don’t think that Sandi wished for the power,” Jennifer said.

“How else would you explain it?” Kristen asked.

“Some other weirdness, if a genie exists who knows what other mythical creatures exist?” Jennifer asked.

“Would explain some historical oddities in Lawndale,” Mr DeMartino said.

“Huh?” Kristen asked.

Upchuck, nodded, as he had actually listened in class when Mr DeMartino was going over local history.
“I suppose it would. The House of Bad Grades maybe, possibly Metalmouth...” Jennifer was about to mention more Lawndale-based urban legends, when Mr DeMartino glared at her.

“That enough of that, Jennifer!” he said.

“Sorry,” Jennifer said, she knew that the history teacher was touchy when it came to mentioning that particular urban legend in his presence.

“What are we going to do about about it?” Kristen asked, not sure how the local urban legends that she knew of would be connected to Sandi’s mysterious power.

“Keep an eye out for other unusual happenings that cannot be explained by the genie?” Jennifer wondered.

“Good idea, Ms Burns!” Mr DeMartino said.

“What else do we do now?” Kristen asked.

“Wait and see what happens next,” Mr DeMartino said.

They continued talking about various possibilities for about five more minutes.

Claire, Jane, Joey and Tiffany arrived outside the basement Server Room (it being below the Faculty Office, with the stairs being just down the hall).

“We have to be careful. The floor in front of the door has pressure sensors that will set off an alarm,” Claire said.

“But weee don’t have to use the flooor,” Tiffany said.

“True, but the gravity may return at any moment,” Claire said.

Tiffany realised that the art teacher was right.

“Right, we use the walls to get to the door and then push it open!” Joey said.

“Amazing,” Jane murmered. Joey was more intelligent than she gave him credit for.

Joey heard her. “I don’t strategise with Mack for nothing. Unlike Kevin, who blunders through each game,” Joey said.

“Right. That what I get for only seeing you chase Quinn,” Jane said.

“Are weee going iin-side, or not?” Tiffany asked.

“Of course we are. Jane and Joey just got distracted,” Claire said.

“I rarely do,” Jane said. Of course there was the time she had stood up Daria to go out with Tom the first time, but otherwise she usually wasn’t distracted. “Let’s do it,” she said.

The art teacher and her three accompanying students slammed open the door to the Server Room.

“Too late, I know that Jeannie Jenner is a wish granting genie!”
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