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Yeah, I just had a look on GT as well. Great stuff! The combat looks much more frenetic and a little less dependent on sticking in cover. I'm sure playing as a Vanguard will suddenly become a lot more fun.

One of the few things that bothered me about ME2's combat was that Shepard would often feel like a head on a stick, only able to bend it's knees in proximity to a wall and is rendered helpless when confronted with enemies that flail their limbs in melee encounters. So I'm very happy that all of this appears to have been addressed. Say what you will about Bioware; but they defiantly listen to criticism and know when something isn't working.

Also, I love that you get Anderson as a squad mate (at least for a while.) This is a man who we're told was once a candidate for the spectres and until now, all we've seen him do (aside from punching out Udina or getting shot by C-Sec) isstand around on the citadel, not being terribly helpful.

P.S. Anyone else thing they're cheating by having the Krogan female wear a burqa?
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