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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

Hello everyone. I am new to these forums and I am having a good time looking around and reading all the recent posts.

I am a big Star Trek fan in general, but DS9 is my personal favorite, with TNG coming in second. I'm not a big fan of TOS, although I watched it a lot as a kid.

I think DS9 is the most under-appreciated of the Trek series. It was the only series that felt like a true ensemble cast, with all the characters/actors contributing something to the series. Whereas, I often felt that TNG and VOY had a few central (key) characters, while the writers largely ignored the rest of the cast(s).

That said, I'm a fan of TNG and VOY, but not nearly to the extent of DS9.

Currently, I watch TNG, DS9, and VOY in chronological order, with 1-2 episodes each night. I'm in season 4 or VOY now, with a loop back to TNG when the series ends, probably in a few months. At this point, I've seen each series in its entirety at least 4 times. I can't seem to get enough of my Trek! LOL!

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