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Re: Halo 4 & Halo Remastered

I'm as big a Halo fanboy as anyone, and even I'm apprehensive about these...

First up, Halo Anniversary. Does anyone else think this looks like a souped up Halo 2/low rent Halo 3? What happened to Halo Reach's graphics? If this is a 10 Xbox Live Arcade title then fair enough, but if they're going to charge a full 40 and put it out on disc, then WTF?

Halo 4: Why has the Chief got a jetpack? Why does Cortana sound different? Why does the Chief look different? Why is the ship they're on different? Why is the music crappy?

Is Marty O'Donnell back for this? At least the Chief sounds the same, but everything else in this very short teaser has left me with a bitter taste.
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