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Re: Blue Thunder vs. Airwolf

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It might depend on the pilots and the location, Schneider did go toe to toe with F-16s if I recall correctly?
Though that was in urban environment where they didn't have the room to manouver which put the Blue Thunder at an advantage.
True, but one of Airwolf's strengths was its speed, and that would be negated in an urban environment. It'd still have the missiles that Blue Thunder didn't though, and I don't even think Blue Thunder had chaff or flare dispensers did it.
Nope but then again it wasn't intended to go head to head against missile armed opponenets.

Now while I think the missiles going target in the movie were a bit much (the good guy has to survive right?) air to air missile aren't the best thing for combat in large city with skycrapers etc.
Go Bluejays.
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