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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Yeah but how many times have we had great young talent coming through? I can remember when Beckham, Owen, Ferdinand et al were all great young talent.
Beckham, Ferdinand and Owen were that good though but sadly certain parts of the team weren't up to that level mainly the depth of the squad. 2002 WC and Euro 2004, we had fantastic chances to win something but we lossed the real WC final against Brazil in the last 8, the winner of that was always going to win the overall tournament and 2004 we defended our 1-0 lead when we should of attacked.

Beckham, Owen, A.Cole, Gerrard, Lampard, Scholes, G.Neville who were the best of the former generation could walk into any club team back then at their peaks but sadly you need a team to win a tournament NOT 7 players from 23.

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Yeah - I think the likes of Spain, Brazil, Germany, Argentina etc are far superior now.
Before that thrashing from Germany at the World Cup, I always felt ENG played better against touger opposition but the problem was they normally finished even results and of course in a WC or EURO...Pens follow that result

Apart from Brazil, Germany and Spain, I don't think ENG have to worry that much because we can beat the likes of France, Italy, Holland, even Argentina (who we have a superior record against) and co but of course generally we might have less of the ball during the game but until Fabio came along our defence was normally pretty strong when fit.

The Problem is were not doing what Blanc is doing with the French team and thats making wholesale changes. Capello seems so arrogrant he refuses to see what doesn't work and keeps trying it over and over to show us all hes right, Well Fabio guess what you'll never be right. ENG won't win 2012 but really its time we made a semi final again in a major tournament.
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