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^^ Not far off from what I thought.

The scientists were unable to constrain their curiousity which kept letting this thing proceed to the next stage. A lot of film can be symbolism so in a weird way this thing seduced each of them in one way or another.

Two things I don't think were necessary. When Ginger slug morphs into a male (and no one notices??) and then gets into a slugfest with Fred it's over-the-top for the revulsion factor. Secondly I thought it went too far for Dren to develop wings. I don't think that was necessary.

This is a variation on the Frankenstein story, but at the end it's hard to feel any measure of sympathy Dren. Yes, she didn't ask to be created and she was the only one of her kind and with no guide to help her along. But the story could have been more creative instead of it just starting to kill because it was territorial.
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