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Re: Why did Janeway have such bad taste in men...

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I liked the idea of an asexual Janeway.
Let us not speak of this ever again.
I think its funny that people are arguing over this again. "If Janeway isn't having sex every 30 minutes, then she's asexual." which has a pejorative connotation.

But as froot has already mentioned... at the start of Voyager, Janeway was already engaged and determined she WOULD get their crew back home again. She wasn't going to throw over Mark that easily.

JANEWAY: Home is home. Itís where we belong.
GATH: Couldnít you create a new home here, with us? Can you imagine a more delightful place to live, where you could pass your time extracting pleasure from every moment. I promise you, you and I have many such moments to explore.
JANEWAY: Yes, but for how long? Iíve seen how quickly you get tired of your pleasures. All that interests you is whatís new and unexplored. After a day or two it becomes commonplace.
GATH: Yes?
JANEWAY: We prefer permanence. The reward of relationships that endure and grow deeper with the passing of time.
GATH: You would loose those notions if you stayed with us.
JANEWAY: You may be right. And thatís why we have to leave.

To disrespect Janeway's fidelity to Mark in her first 2 years in the DQ, is to disrespect Sisko's fidelity to the memory of his wife HIS first few years on DS9.

Neither were asexual, they were simply celibate and yes, there's a difference.

Oh... and Vas is right, Jaffen WASN'T a bad choice.

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