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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I wouldn't disagree with that assesment at all, and I think Everton/Villa/Spurs is roughly where we are in terms of International footy, and I think in many respects we punch above our weight. Certainly even though we have good players we tend to lack strength in depth at times.

When he became manager of Derby, the first thing Clough did was have them take down all the old trophies/pictures etc because he wanted the team to build its own history, and I've long said England won't do shit until someone has the gut to say "Fuck 1966, it was 45 years ago."

Unlikely given the British media. We're either the shittest team in the world, or the best team in the world, there's no inbetween, which is a shame cos sometimes it'd be good to celebrate that we make the quarters etc.
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