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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I do think England's problem is primarily about expectations. It seems to me that many fans and media still see the English national football team on a level with Brazil, Germany, Spain, etc. when you're really more like Turkey, Croatia, Portugal - teams that can do very well if the circumstances are perfect and you have a little bit of luck; maybe even win the tournament if you get some enthusiasm and momentum behind you. Which is pretty nice too, relatively. But you won't have a team that can challenge for the win every time. If a couple key players are injured or not motivated you are in trouble very quickly.

It's weird, most of English football fans support clubs every week that never win shit (since only a few clubs ever win stuff in England ) and you still come back every time and allow yourself to get emotionally involved in an activity that leaves you sad and humiliated time and time again.
And in international football you're doing the same thing, supporting a team that's maybe the equivalent of Everton, or if I'm generous Arsenal, yet if you don't score 4 goals against Argentina before halftime you suck.
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