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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

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Was this the Magneto movie I had heard of?
It certainly felt like it.
X-Men Origins: Magneto was in development hell for a little while and then cancelled when they realised it'd be stepping on the toes of X-Men: First Class. But the writer for Magneto still got a "story by" credit for First Class as compensation. was a collaboration. They did well.

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Fans keep saying that but obviously Fox has no wish to do that and were hooked immediately on Bryan Singer's return to the franchise. We'll see how the box office is next weekend. The fact that this film is still critically acclaimed as "X2" was is a promising start in my opinion. I'm seeing it tonight.
Despite what the box office might say this was an extremely well written movie and in my opinion it was thoroughly entertaining. I was surprised by the credits to see Bryan Singer Return to the Series and it really did feel like a Singer X-men. It had lots of flavor. There was truth in the details. He made sure to put in even the smallest mention of characters and it was beautiful how he presented the idea of the Hell Fire Club rapped up in all the real world politics....

Was this the Magneto movie I had heard of?
It certainly felt like it.
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Certainly, they're not going to have a Magneto Origins movie. However, I still think there's potential for Magneto liberating Genosia as a sort of anti-Hero story. Having to team up with the X-Men to do it, probably.

Anyway, great movie. Loved it from beginning to end.
Well think of it this way. In the Comic Book Xavier does die and Magneto takes over the X-Men. That's a fourth movie easy one many wouldn't be familar with where Singer can romp into the creative zone with little restrictions.

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Xavier & Magneto together at the start of X3
I don't thunk they're ignoring anything on this one.
We've seen Prof. X going to visit Erik in prison after trying to murder one of his students.(Rogue)
We saw them continue to be friends after Erik tried to booby trap Cerebro.
So it shouldn't be of much surprise that they would join forces again in the future.
They still could have recruited Jean & rebuilt Cerebro.

Xavier walking in said X3 scene and in XO:W
Astral projection?
More like someone elses version of events.
Remember those dudes from X3 weren't really following Singer's idea. From what I heard Singer wasn't going to start straight into the dark phoenix which is why X2 ends with Xavier's smile not a frown. They took notes of his ideas but they really created their own story which is why Rogue dropped off the face of the film.

Singer was smart to focus on Rogue and Wolverine from go. Too many characters to give everyone their just due.

(Might I add that Beast actually looked pretty good in this movie as opposed to fraisers comical look in X3.0

P.S They really need to redo X3 Singer style
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