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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

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Didn't care for the "X-Men" choices besides Banshee.
Are you kidding? Banshee was the worst! Oh, look, I can emit a loud, super-sonic noise that allows me to fly over any surface when I wear a sky-flight suit.... somehow.

Darwin, Havoc, the wasp-lady all of them I could go along with (though we really didn't see Darwin do anything useful with his powers in the course of the movie) but fucking Banshee?!
This wasn't me talking about if I liked the character portrayed n screen, but the choice of which characters to include in the film. At least Banshee was around and using his abilities roughly at this time.

And of course I should say the Beast (but mainly was talking new characters that actually weren't original students), I of course loved seeing Hank McCoy, one of the few comic characters that I have enjoyed in both his original X-Men years, and his time as the Blue Fur Ball in the Avengers. Of course modern X-Men have really made me hate him, so yeah thanks again for ruining a great character Marvel.
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