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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

Really liked it, easily the best X-Men film besides X-Men United, with 1 being a little bit above average, the 2nd being an A film, and the third being a F.

This is an A- (barely almost a B+). Some minor quibble with tone, and with some questionable acting by the cast, though not the two leads who were excellent.

Minor complaints is the military attacking the Island, not that they did attack, but what they fired one round from each gun and then stopped, sorry I have never seen combat like that with the navy. Especially in that day and age (well and earlier) where barrage would be one after another, not just one volley.

Hated Azazel, hated Diamond form Emma, but I hate how modern Marvel created (or added those elements to the X-Men in the first place).

Loved the setting (as it is a near match for the start of the X-Men comic being early 60's). In a few ways a nice bit of connection to X-Men #1.

Didn't care for the "X-Men" choices besides Banshee.

But in most forms of the X-Men (and its various alternate timelines, reboots, and reality alteration the two first characters typically are Scoot and Jean. And personally I missed them (though Xavier seeing Ororo is an extremely subtile nod to X-Men 117), and one assumes the other two children in color (ie mutants) were Scott and Jean.

Disliked the americanization of a few characters (especially in a market place that is general gears itself to market beyond the US it seems some what shortsided).

But dialogue, theme, and tone were very well handled. They could have grounded it a bit more to add to the drama, but its not a big flaw.

A bigger flaw is that the X-Men train for what less then a week, and manage to not only master (to a degree) their abilities, but create technology to help them, really seems a little much.

But quibbles aside, its a fast improvement over Origins and X3, and if it can do enough business overseas and in the home market, hopefully they improve what they started.

I am certainly looking forward to more.
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