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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

Not quite torture. More like, "enhanced interrogation": the literary equivalent of being hooded, forced to stand against a wall, and deprived of sleep.

After I put up that post, I noticed a rather large plot hole. As I said: this demon can kill--it not only beats a woman to death--it pulverizes her. And in another scene, it sexually molests one of the main characters while she's in the shower.

This demon has hands. Big, strong, rough hands. The book's even called Hands of Lucifer.

And yet, when faced with an exorcist, how does it defend itself?

By swearing. By throwing furniture. By tossing stuff from the fridge, like some kind of demonic food fight. By slapping the exorcist--once. And by animating the female main characters collection of dolls.


Seriously, what the fuck? Worst. Demon. Ever.
An illusion--with intelligence! A malignant vision, with a will of pure evil!
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