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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

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Breaking furniture in Tuvok's room in a wild Klingon sex romp?
. Hey, Neelix was a live-by-your-wits refugee before he joined the crew. It's an aspect of his character they sadly neglected, in my opinion, and I really liked his fling with Ch'Rega because it seemed in keeping with that idea. Someone offers you a meal, you take it, no matter how iffy, because you don't know when you're getting the next one. And if someone offers you a night of companionship, you take that too, because who knows when you'll get the next opportunity? And it might keep you going for the next however-long without meaningful company. Because you're used to privation, you grab every opportunity. Obviously he didn't have random "sex romps" when he was with Kes, but she was long gone by then. Makes sense to me that the old survival behaviours surface again.

And we know from the Kes relationship that when he finds more meaningful, long-term companionship, he grasps it very, very tightly, hence the jealousy. Neelix values all sorts of close relationships highly - family (a trait apparently common to the mainstream Talaxian culture), friends, lovers - and he's been alone and without those supports too often in his life, due to being a deserter, a refugee, an independent trader. So no wonder he's a bit "creepy" at times - he's both quick to jump on any opportunity for companionship (of any sort) and intensely committed to those bonds that manage to be more than temporary. He's "flighty" by necessity but immensely loyal when he finds someone (No wonder he gave Tuvok headaches). Or that's my basic understanding of him, anyway.

As for collecting panties, only if they can be used to improve the Leola Root stew .
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