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Albatross vs. The Slaver Weapon

This week in the TAS episode showdown...

Albatross vs. The Slaver Weapon

Which one deserves a spot in the final 8?

Oh, and for our regular voters, here's all the results so far :

Round 1 Results
Bem (5%)
Albatross (95%)

The Slaver Weapon (65%)
The Pirates of Orion (35%)

The Ambergris Element (52%)
More Tribbles, More Troubles (48%)

The Eye of the Beholder (90%)
Mudd's Passion (10%)

The Terratin Incident (31.25%)
The Magicks of Megas-Tu (68.75%)

Yesteryear (100%)
The Practical Joker (0%)

Round 2 Results
The Time Trap (75%)
The Counter-Clock Incident (25%)

The Jihad (87.5%)
The Lorelei Signal (12.5%)

Beyond the Farthest Star (100%)
Once Upon A Planet (0%)

The Survivor 46.15%
One of Our Planets Is Missing 53.85%

How Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth 35.29%
The Infinite Vulcan 64.71%

Yesteryear 93.33%
The Magicks of Megas-Tu 6.67%

The Eye of the Beholder 87.50 %
The Ambergris Element 12.50 %
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