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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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I'm quite confident about England's future, when you see some of the young talent that we have ready to come through - Smalling, Jones, Henderson etc - the future looks pretty bright. Just need someone who knows where the fcuk to play them!
English players under 25 years of age...

Kelly, Flanigan, Robinson, Walker, Jones, Smalling, Richards, Gibbs, Cleverley, Albrighton, Rodwell, Henderson, McEachran, Sturridge, Carroll, Wilshire, Johnson, Walcott, Lennon, Agbonlahor, Welbeck

Do offer hope no doubt and lets not forget ENG under 17-19's have seen success in recent years either by winning tournaments or getting to finals/latter stages. Hopefully the Football Academy when opened in 2012 will boost the future so it will take several years to really make a difference.

For Euro 2012 I would like to see Richards as the number 1 right back and most likely only one of Rio/Terry will start in the XI because as a pair they both lack too much pace now. I would like to see Gerrard play the anchor role in his latter years like Scholes but with one difference, Gerrard can tackle. Wilshire than carry on with his current role and Rooney could play the attacking midfield role almost Bobby Charlton esq.

If you want Rooney to play his normal game in this 4-3-3 then a forward midfield role is the only answer not the wing nor the sole striker slot...Bent or Carroll would most likely occupy that strike role though I don't care about age if OWEN is fit with games and goals under his belt because then Owen gets the nod everytime. Michael Owen movement is still the best and his finishing has NEVER been in question, who needs brutal pace when you have his movement.

Young & Johnson on the wings for me with their bag of tricks and abiity to use either foot and play on either wing...Pace & Tricky is always a must on the wings unless you have a David Beckham esq player, which we don't anymore.

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