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Re: Blue Thunder vs. Airwolf

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Airwolf would always win purely because of their superior theme music
This is the correct, and only answer.

(Clint Eastwood in Firefox would kick both their butts though...)
Firefox Vs Airwolf Vs Blue Thunder Vs Knight Rider Vs Streethawk...

I'd pay good money to see that film...not to mention buy the soundtrack!

Anyone remember the day Airwolf went up against Redwolf? That would have been cool, except despite being the equal of AW (and with an added "laser") RW chased AW for ages but couldn't hit it, then Airwolf just turned round and shot it once and downed it!

Man how many Hughes 500's crashed/blew up in the 80s!
It's funny that you should mention Firefox.

If one looks closely at both Firefox and Blue Thunder, one will definately notice alot of similarities. Especially when it comes to Airwolf.
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