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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

Just got back. I thought this movie was pretty fuckin awesome and still stand by my Pre-emptive A+!

That first scene with young Erik was all kinds of awesome. Surprised he didn't attempt to take Shaw out right then and there though. Fassbender as Magneto was excellent. Loved the bit with the stabbing of the hand, throw, retract and restab the hand.

McEvoy's Xavier was pretty well done. He did a good job.

How did the Russians know to build the antitelepath helmet in the first place? I was actually anticipating some kind of mention to Project Omega Red, but that probably doesn't happen until way later anyways.

Logan's (Pre adamantium) cameo was a nice touch. "go fuck yourselves..." priceless.

Rebecca Romain O'Connor's cameo was also unexpected.

Shaw and his cronies seemed a little too mustache twirly for my taste. But Azazel had some pretty cool sequences with the teleporting and dropping of agents. That was Badass! Riptide was kind of a bland goon. Harry Leland would have been a wiser choice. And instead of Angel Salvator, they should have used Sunspot's father since he was a Hellfire Club member. Darwin, was well canon fodder like somebody mentioned earlier.

As for the Emma Frost, January's performance seemed slightly on par with Kelly Hu's Deathstrike. Only with slightly more personality. Just slightly. I'm not sure why Bryan Singer's female sidekicks come off kind of wooden.

All in all I loved this movie, my girlfriend didn't enjoy it as much as she did Thor. I thought it was way better than Thor, personally. There seemed to be alot more at stake in this movie.
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