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Re: "Supergirl XXX"

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I think she's out of the porno game these days, although she actually would be good casting for a Supergirl, if you could convince her to put on a blonde wig.
Dammit, now you've got me wondering what superheroine Sasha Grey should be in a comics-based porno.

The answer is Huntress of course.
You, sir, just blew my mind. That's just too damned apt.

This being the way the Huntress is ordinarily drawn, of course; a realistic Huntress would have to be about 50% bigger than Sasha Grey. But if you can't suspend disbelief for a porno film... well, that's just sad!

But, great, thanks. Now I'm on a superhero porno dream casting kick, which is bad and undermines all my feminist and diversity credibility.

I'm sort of amazed they didn't tap Nikki Rhodes to play Barbara Gordon. She's pretty cool.

And wow, fun (and sourced!) fact about Nikki Rhodes from Wikipedia:

She was a straight-A student, started college at the age of fifteen, and attended two and a half years of law school
You see this? This right here? This is me jealous.

And Katsuni would make a ridiculously faithful Cheshire. Behold my credibility saving throw: it's ethnically correct casting. YES.

And hell, a Roy Harper porno (I cast James Deen! because he's great, which is good because the guy's basically unavoidable) is bound to be 100% less depressing than any actual Roy Harper comic.

Dennis wrote:
I imagine the producers were far more interested in the audience who'd like to see Alanah Rae playing Supergirl than in satisfying the expectations of comic geeks who fantasize about Supergirl herself.
An extremely valid point, although 1)I don't see it as necessarily different than casting any movie and 2)Alanah Rae just doesn't do it for me, neither in the context of Supergirl nor in the context of her fucking somebody.

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