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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

I'll be giving my review tomorrow.... I went to the midnight showing Thursday completely exhausted, so I want to see it one more time before I make my final verdict. At the moment though, it is ranking very high for me.
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Considering they've always fucked up Prof X's accent (the character being American), it's a bit late to start complaining about lack of attention to detail in that regards. But it does show a lack of respect on the directors' part for the integrity of the characters.

Looks like the opening is a bit soft. Doesn't surprise me - there are just too many comic book (and comic book-like) movies jostling around each summer, and the ones that don't have an obvious reason to go see them will get lost.

There's no big hook to this movie to get people into the theater. The X-Men movies to date didn't create some huge curiosity to see their origins. Who really cares where or why they came about? None of the actors are big draws. It's an easy movie to ignore.

I personally can't see either McAvoy as Prof X or Fassbinder as Magneto, although they might be perfectly good actors for other roles. As a longtime X-Men comics fan, I just don't recognize the characters as they've been presented in the movies, and the trend has been getting worse as the series goes along.

For X-Men to have a Bond-like atmosphere (if true) is just completely wrong for the story. The comics in the 60s never had anything Bond-like about them. They were far too serious for that.
Temis, you might put some thought into checking the movie out. I was pretty skeptical going into it myself, part from always being a tad warry of reboot/ origins stories for characters that I already know and love (I was unsure about STXI going into that as well) and part from not being particularly sold on the trailers. It was far better than I was expecting. The guy who played Xavier did a good job and the guy who played Magneto was phenominal- he was a constant scene stealer for me.

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Also, the way Shaw went about tricking the US and Russians into nearly starting a war just felt way too simplistic and cartoonish to me. Instead of using any kind of clever emotional manipulation or playing on people's insecurities.... all he did was basically threaten people into doing his bidding. He might as well have saved time and had his devil-looking buddy teleport into the missle control rooms and push the launch buttons himself. lol
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2) Why exactly did the US and Russians suddenly get all buddy buddy and decide to kill the mutants on the beach? That actually made no sense...and in the context of the Cold War actually makes even less sense. The US government discovers that mutants exist. it hires some of them...who show that they have the ability to find other mutants and recruit them into working for the US government. They put them into the field, they stop a war and then that same government decides to KILL THEIR OWN AGENTS FOR NO REASON. They had not gone rogue, they'd proven their value in the field by successfully infiltrating the Soviet Union...yet they turn on them for no reason. That plot development needed to be fleshed out more. I get that in the Marvel universe people think superpowers are scary instead of cool...but this was just illogical.
I think the best explanation for these two things is just the fact that the idea of mutants is such a new concept to these people. In the case of Shaw threatening the countries, no one's really sure of what he's capable of if they don't listen to him, so they're afraid of his powers or potential powers. Same thing for the Russians and Americans attacking the mutant contingent at the end. They have mutants who are capable of controlling other people, manipulating metal, appear and disappear, pretend to be anyone, shoot blasts of energy, and who knows what else. Yes, some of the mutants are good, but they also are dealing with some very bad mutants. Again, not knowing how many there are or what they're capable of, they were scared to let them go. And no one except Moira really knew what the X-men's role in stopping the war was. They had a Russian commander who blew up the freighter for reasons that no one knows and then you have a jet come out of no where and start battling a sub that no one knew about. From the US/ Russian perspective, it probably looked like two aggresive parties fighting their war in the middle of the two country's war.
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