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Re: Does James Cameron Owe Poul Anderson Money?

When I first saw Avatar what actually jumped to my mind was a series of novels by Frank Herbert (The Jesus Incident, The Lazarus Effect & The Ascension Factor.) While the respective plots bares little relation to one another, there are elements such as both being centred around a group of resource starved humans trying to forcibly colonise a hostile planet, a native plant life that has a shared consciousness...and the planet in both instances is called Pandora...

No idea if Cameron is even aware of the books (there nowhere near as well known as Herbert's 'Dune' novels) but some of the parallels are quite striking. Of course there's a lot in the books that has nothing to do with Cameron's movie and visa-versa so even if it was a conscious influence I wouldn't call it a rip off. If not then it's just a hell of a coincidence.
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