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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I don't understand why the FA are not tired of Capello I mean 6 million a year and he just has a habit of picking the wrong players and playing others out of position. This is a guy that took a young attacking midfielder in Jordan Henderson and put him in the holding role against FRANCE almost ruined him after 1 cap...

He took Jarvis who had been playing all season on the left and put him on the right for his 45 min cap and refuses to touch Richards despite playing better than Johnson all season and played very well during his only 45 min show during the Capello era. Plays Rooney on the wing in this 4-3-3, Wilshire started in the anchor role originally and had Lampard playing deep as you can go for the first 2 years of his reign. He refuses to touch Owen the best natural finisher of his generation and forces ENG to play at a snails pace.

Just GO AWAY Fabio no one wants you, I want to be out of this loveless marriage who is using us for our overstreched wallet.
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