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Re: "Supergirl XXX"

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I know about the laws regarding parodies... but it still seems pretty warped that Disney can sue and shut down a little Mom & Pop eatery calling itself the Magic Kingdom, while you can have a movie like this be perfectly legal and make money for the producer based off the works done by another company.
It's only illegal if the copyright holders sue, and I'm sure Big Comics is scared shitless by the media firestorm that an anti-porn parody lawsuit would inevitable create. They thus deem it safer to let them be, circulating amongst a mostly hidden subculture. A mom and pop restaurant, however, wouldn't get anywhere close to the media attention, so they feel free to crush those with abandon.

As for the whole porn parody craze... I find it depressing. I'll not lie and say I don't enjoy porn/erotica in modest doses, but I like my adult material to be, if not legitimately amateur, then at least small-scale. It's pretty much impossible, imho, to spending large amounts of time, energy and money on porn and not have the resulting business be creepy as hell. If a porn performer wants to throw on a Trek uniform or a Supergirl miniskirt, great. But a whole scripted, scored, edited and "acted" porn parody feature? Ick.
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