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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Bulgaria drew 1-1 so we still top the group. Montenegro still have to play away in Switzerland as well, which in itself will be a tough game for them.

England were woeful today. We were carrying far too many players and lacked any real invention in midfield. Terry was poor, Johnson was his usual self (the good and the bad), Parker was outclassed, Hart was at fault for both goals arguably, Bent was wasteful, Milner was sh1te, Walcott was clueless etc etc etc.

Young looked like he should have been playing from the start, and I absolutely have to agree re Downing - I got a ticking off from the wife when I labelled him a c**t for missing that sitter at the end, which now gives me even more reason to dislike the twat.

The reassuring thing I guess is that we were woeful for the majority of the game, yet could still have won it. Although, against better opposition, I fear the worst unless some of these players are able to raise their games.
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