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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

I loved it the perfect Trek format ships out exploring the unknown the author nailed all the characters.

A few thoughts.

1. I love the fact the Seven and Cambridge are starting a relationship I find this very funny and intriguing.

2. We finally got a description of one of the ships Achilles. I picture it as the saucer of Prometheus with basically a huge box as the massive cargo hold with two massive nacelles. I just wish we got a better description of the Merrian class.

3 I loved Captain Farkas and O'Donnel!

Only negative is I don't like Eden as still being a Captain IMO it's a little confusing. Star Fleet should have given her a field promotion to Admiral or since the is unique as in Star Fleet doesnt usually send out fleets, She should be a Commador.
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