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Owain Taggart wrote: View Post
Still, how many times is one going to use them or have a need for them other than that one time? It's like axes. I rather use my fists than use axes because you can't break them. Well, not in Minecraft anyway.
Cutter John wrote: View Post
Exactly Owain. It just needlessly eats up a slot in your inventory.
Then don't carry them around all the time. When I'm running low on wood, I make a stone axe, head out into the forest and get all the wood I can until the axe runs out (which is around two full stacks). I'll do the same thing with shears.

The only tools I bring everywhere with me are two stone pickaxes and two stone shovels, since I use them both so often. Everything else I make one of and store it in a chest when I don't need it.

Owain Taggart wrote: View Post
Yeah, I made a shovel to shovel snow and get snowballs, but realistically, how often am I going to need snowballs?
When you're making a small igloo, you need a lot of snowballs.

Jadzia wrote: View Post
What if there were an option to merge tools of the same kind together, to create a single long life version of it?
You mean, like a diamond tool?
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