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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

Oh, let me count the ways in which I loved this movie.

I loved the opening scenes with Erik and Schmidt (Shaw). Little touches like Schmidt tempting him with the chocolate and pulling it away when Erik asked for his mother. I loved the brutality of Erik's mother's murder.

I loved Erik wandering the world hunting down Schmidt/ Shaw. I loved Fassbender's Bond-like portrayal of the young Erik. I loved McAvoy's randy, chat-up line-spouting Xavier. I loved Rose Byrne in lingerie. I loved the glorious 60s outfits, not least of all on January Jones and Kevin Bacon. I loved the big Bond-like, Ken Adams-inspired sets.

I loved Hugh Jackman's cameo - we got to hear Wolverine say the F-word - and thought Rebbeca Romjin's was an even more pleasant surprise.

Basically, I loved everything about this movie. This wasn't the best X-Men movie since X2, it was the best one including X2. The ending to this movie had a passion and emotion that surpassed even it.

I previously said that Thor was the superhero movie to beat this year. Well done Mr Vaughn, you have beaten the Norse god hands-down. Roll on second class.
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