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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

I was greatly anticipating this book and was not let down. Children of the Storm was probably my favorite release from the past year. Beyer had a hard job to do and executed it well.

The story has an antagonist that is extremely powerful and had little foundation laid for it. Often times, ultra-powerful antagonists are poorly done as they end up being silly or defeated using techno-magic. But the Children were well developed into a very original and intriguing species and the situation was handled in a very Trek way. The resolution was the type that I expect from trek and involved a perfect balance of ingenuity and technology without the techno-babble.

Another area where Beyer could have failed in this book was relying on original, off screen characters for - 2/3 of the book. Despite much of the story centering on new characters I was able to get into the plot and personalities and enjoy the experience. The returning VOY characters were also well done and showed Beyer well understands the characters and appears to know the directions we want the tv characters to take. At no point in the book did I think, “He wouldn’t do that!”

The uniqueness of Full Circle Voyager to me is that it is a fleet with many, many characters. With 9 ships and 9 command staffs, it is easy to get overwhelmed, forget what is happening to each crew, and not get emotionally attached to anyone. This didn’t happen to me. I stayed hooked throughout the read and never once got lost. I totally didn’t expect what happened to the Demeter or Guirinal; they were jaw-dropping moments.

I expected to be ready for another author to take a crack at this but Beyer has kept the momentum going and each of her books keep getting better. I am more hooked on VOY than ever and look forward to the next installment.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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